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LMC V Clip for COS11


LMC Sound VCLIP (LMC-VCLIP) Vampire Clip for Sanken COS 11 Lavalier Microphone. Designed by a location sound mixer. The Vclip vampire clip was created for use with all models of the Sanken COS 11 lavalier microphone. The Vclip facilitates quick mounting of the mic to many clothing materials without sacrificing sound quality. The mic capsule slides into the Vclip tube for a snug fit.
Vampire clips work well when you are constantly placing mics on a number of people. They are fast and easy to use.
The tubular design of the Vclip allows the COS 11 to slide right into the tube and stop at the rubber bushing of the mic where the cable meets the mic cylinder. The mic is held in place by tension between the rubber bushing and the Vclip tube. The mic head sits just below the top edge of the Vclip tube so there’s no chance it will come in contact with fabric.

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