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Magnetic Tape


MAGNET TAPE THAT ACTUALLY WORKS – Kraftex Magnetic tape has been tested to hold 1lb per linear inch so its strong enough to hold the things you actually want it to. Not just hair clips and tweezers but most tools, utensils and clutter. Now upgraded with our own unique super strong adhesive backing Kraftex Magnetic Tape will stick well to almost any surface and stay stuck. Perfect for home, garage, office.
– Kraftex have ensured our tape is super thick (160mil) so has more magnetic power than thinner tapes. It is also 1-3/8in wide so can hold those larger household objects that often get in the way. Unlike other, thinner, narrower brands which lack the strength or surface area to give a good hold, our magnetic tape strips are super strong.
WARNING - STRONG MAGNETS CAN CAUSE DAMAGE– Kraftex magnetic strips are real magnets so keep away from magnetic cards and electrical devices. Store knives, photos, keys and other household objects with style and ease. You can impress your family and friends with all the life hack solutions magnetic tape has to offer and get control over your space at the same time.

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