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APS-C Sensor Cleaning Kit


Cleaning Swab (16mm):
The swabs are the perfect choice for a professional wet or dry cleaning of the sensitive camera sensor.
The swabs have small mini-channels, which ensure the fluid's equal distribution over the entire swab. This
eliminates banding. In addition, the mini-channels absorb excessive cleaning fluid, so that it does not
reach the sensor or form a fluid accumulation. The swab is equally suitable for the cleansing of sensors
with and without low-pass filters.

Liquid Cleaner (15 ml):
The liquid cleaner is ideal for gentle wet cleaning of the camera sensor, filter, lenses etc ...
Especially high quality for streak-free cleaning.

Effectively removes dust, even those dust particles that are charged with static electricity. Thanks to
its special design, the compressed air speed can be adjusted.

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