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Ansmann AA NiMH 2850mAh Rechargeable (Pack of 4)


Ansmann AA NiMH 2850mAh Rechargeable (Pack of 4)

Professionals with very high usage like to use rechargeable batteries with highest capacities such as the ANSMANN 2850mAh Mignon AA. The higher self-discharge is not important for users that recharge daily or many times a week because of their intensive use.
- Ideal for professional use with high energy demand like flash units and digital cameras
- Extremely durable due to excellent cycling capability
- Fast rechargeable
- No special charger necessary
- 2 year manufacturer warranty

NOTE: May be provided in blister packs or hard shell cases, depending on stock availability

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  • Model: Ansmann AA 2850mAh (4pack)

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