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Chamois Tips


Chemtronics Chamois Tips are constructed from a lint-free synthetic chamois cloth material. The chamois cloth is bonded to an ABS swab handle without potentially contaminating adhesives or glues. These swabs are ideal for cleaning and polishing magnetic and optical, audio and video heads.

- Material is free of oils and residues
- Can be used with solvents for tough soils
- Flexible handle bends to clean hard-to-reach areas
- Bonded without adhesives or glues
- Seamless construction; does not scratch surfaces

Chemtronics Chamois Tips can be used to:
- Clean magnetic and optical heads
- Restore VCR and camcorder recording quality
- Remove contamination from Disk Drives
- Critical cleaning of opotical pick-up assemblies on CD, CDROM and laser disc players
- Micro Mechanical Cleaning
- Effectively cleans excess ink from ink jet cartridges
- Clean wet using Chemtronics Head Cleaner ™ II

Chamois Tips Swabs are compatible with most common solvents such as isopropyl alcohol and methanol. Not recommended for use with ketones such as acetone or methyl ethyl ketone.

Chamois Tips synthetic material has been ultra-cleaned to remove all contaminating agents such as oils and residues. Compatible with isopropyl alcohol for safe, non-residual cleaning and made up of the following:
- Soft, chamois head.
- 3" polystyrene handle.
- Pack of 50.

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