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Toupee Tape (5M Roll)


Toupee tape is a form of adhesive used for securing a toupee or hairpiece to the scalp while worn. A toupee is a custom hairpiece, generally worn by men, and is made for people who need or desire to wear a hairpiece only periodically or temporarily. Thus, toupee tape is a form of temporary adhesive made for hairpieces as opposed to permanent hair bonding or replacement.
the toupee tape adhesives are durable enough to last the day and there is generally no adhesive residue left over after removal. However, isopropyl rubbing alcohol will also effectively remove adhesive residue as well, though it tends to be drying to the skin.
Toupee tape Has a variety of uses within the Film and TV industry for the securing of wigs to different special effects all over the body.
The first toupees were produced in 3100BC and famous wearers include Julius Ceasar and also Bud Abbot.

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