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Aerosols & Sprays

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Ageing Spray Mid Brown
Ageing Spray Mid Brown / Dirty Down
Price: £10.50
AF Maxiclene Cleaner and Disinfectant Foam
Disenfectant Foam (Aerosol) for a wide range of cleaning applications Features - Extra powerful foaming cleaner that lifts grease and dirt for...
Price: £3.10
AF Isoclene (Isopropyl Spray) 250ml
General cleaning for technicians 99.7% pure Isopropanol for any technical cleaning such as magnetic read/write heads, edge connectors when reseating...
Price: £5.07
AF Foamclene (Anti Static Foam Cleaner) 300ml
Features - 300ml anti-static foam cleaner for removing ingrained grease, dirt and dust - Can be used on plastic casings, office furniture and walls,...
Price: £2.95

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