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Small Batteries

Small batteries for devices with smaller battery requirements.

Item Image Item Name  - Price
CR2025 Button 3V 160mAh
CR2025 Button 3V 160mAh (Single Cell)
Price: £0.50
4LR44 Battery
4LR44 6V Alkaline battery Commonly used in cameras and remote control devices. This 4LR44 battery is a popular replacement for the now discontinued...
Price: £2.76
CR123 Lithium Cell 3V (Panasonic)
Panasonic CR123 3V Lithium battery Combining lightweight material with lithium technology to create a power source suitable for high energy cameras....
Price Breaks: 1-10: £1.45 11-49: £1.25 50+: £1.15
CR2 Lithium Cell 3V (Panasonic)
CR 2 Lithium Cell 3V (Panasonic) Suitable for high energy cameras. These have high capacity and low internal resistance to provide rapid flash...
Price: £2.10
CR2032 Lithium cell
CR2032 Lithium battery. Blister of 1x cell Usually found in small electronic devices; including: watches, clocks, BIOS clock, cameras, car alarms,...
Price: £0.95
LR44 Alkaline cell
Maxell LR44 1.5V Alkaline Battery. Blister pack of 2x cells Usually used in watches/clocks, toys, calculators and calculators This battery has the...
Price: £1.03

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