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Aerosols & Sprays

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Kenair Pouch
For use with our Ken-air spray. Gives an easy access storage pocket for your air duster. Adjustable belt loop for easy attachment to any standard...
Price: £11.50
Kenair Refills
The Kenair Air Duster is a benchmark mark product in the imaging business. It is also widely used in the electronics and service industries for...
Price: £11.95
Label Remover
Features - Fast and effective removal of self-adhesive paper labels - Quickly breaks down adhesive residues - Controlled evaporation enables time for...
Price: £4.75
Multi Surface Polish
The quick and convenient way to clean and shine your wood, glass, plastic, steel, mirrors, paintwork, tiles and enamel. Designed to remove dust,...
Price: £1.65
Nil Glass
Nilco Nilglass Glass cleaner for a sparkling, smear-free, professional finish. Ideal for most types of glass, mirrors, windscreens and all...
Price: £6.99
Oil 3-IN-ONE
3-IN-ONE's versatile multi-purpose drip oil has been a trusted tool used by professional tradesmen and do-it-yourselfers to lubricate moving parts,...
Price: £1.90
P.T.F.E Lubricant 3-IN-ONE
The advanced PTFE synthetic fluoropolymer formula that makes up 3-IN-ONE Professional High-Performance Spray with PTFE provides outstanding...
Price: £3.28
Silicon Spray
Price: £4.50
Spray Mount (400ml)
An indispensable tool for artists and crafters, 3M™ Spray Mount™ Artist's Adhesive bonds lightweight materials instantly, yet allows work...
Price: £10.95
Tri-Flow Lubricant with PTFE
Triflow provides preventative maintenance and problem solving solutions for the most demanding applications. Its unique formula also contains...
Price: £22.95

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