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LR44 Alkaline cell
Maxell LR44 1.5V Alkaline Battery. Blister pack of 2x cells Usually used in watches/clocks, toys, calculators and calculators This battery has the...
Price: £1.03
IDX Endura VL-4S Charger
VL-4S4-Channel Fully Simultaneous Quick Charger Quick charge current : All ENDURA & NP-style Li-ion batteries - 3A (up to 3 CH charging)/2.3A (all 4...
Price: £640.00
PAG 9553V V-Mount Power Plate
PAG 9553V V-Mount Power Plate (for V-Mount L95s) for camera fitted with Sony V-Mount The PAG Power Plate designed for V-Mount compatible batteries...
Price: £105.00
PAG 9702V Cube Charger
PAG 9702V Cube Charger with 4 x V-Mount compatible connectors Use the Cube to Power Your Camera via the V4-CPA The PAG Cube can be used to power your...
Price: £350.00

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