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Camera & Lens Cleaning

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Chamois Leather (Large)
Chamois Leather Large (2sq.ft Approx) Professional, high quality chamois leathers.
Price: £3.95
Chamois Leather (Small)
Chamois Leather Small (1sq ft Approx) Professional, high quality chamois leathers.
Price: £1.95
Chamois Tips
Chemtronics Chamois Tips are constructed from a lint-free synthetic chamois cloth material. The chamois cloth is bonded to an ABS swab handle without...
Price: £22.95
Eclipse Cleaning Fluid
Eclipse Fluid is suitable for cleaning any high grade optical surfaces, including lens elements and sensor filters. Features - Fast drying - Zero...
Price: £9.65
Hama Lens Pen
Features - Allows highly effective and gentle cleaning of all optical surfaces, specially designed for lenses and filters - Particularly long service...
Price: £7.95
Hurricane Blower
The Hurricane Blower produces a powerful jet of air for blowing dust and fluff from cameras and lenses, uses a double valve system to emit clean air....
Price: £4.95
Kenair Kit (Refill & Nozzle)
The Kenair Air Duster is a benchmark product in the imaging business. It is also widely used in the electronics and service industries for cleaning...
Price: £19.95
Pancro Cleaning Fluid
Pancro Lens Cleaning Fluid was "judged the hands down best lens cleaning solution" at the Camera Assistant Olympics a few years back. It is...
Price: £16.50
Pec-Pads 10x10cm (100 Sheets)
Pec-Pads are a lint free cleaning cloth, suitable for cleaning all sensitive optics associated with photographic applications. Features - Lint Free -...
Price: £11.95
Rosco Lens Fluid
Rosco Lens Cleaner has been the choice of professional cameramen and cinematographers for over 50 years. Its unique formulation is especially...
Price: £3.45

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